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I'm a 17 year old girl who loves kpop! Don't be afraid to ask me anything or just talk to me! (Ps. Ahn Daniel, Jo Kwangmin and Choi Minki are mine XP)


I had a dream the other week where my best friend said “On a scale of 1-5 your looks may be a 3 but your personality is a 2” and now I’m paranoid that everyone just talks to me because the pity me…


NU’EST - Judgement Teaser

Previous comeback :

f(x): Amber looks like a dude

Nuest: Ren looks like a girl

This month’s comeback:

f(x):Amber looks like a girl

Nuest:Ren looks like a dude

【TEASER 2】 #NUEST The First Album “Re:BIRTH” 2nd Teaser NU’EST #뉴이스트 #NUEST_ReBIRTH #7월9일뉴이스트컴백
【TEASER 2】 #NUEST The First Album “Re:BIRTH” 2nd Teaser NU’EST #뉴이스트 #NUEST_ReBIRTH #7월9일뉴이스트컴백

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player, etc. and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping!

I was tagged by squadthugangelcrisp

1. End of all things by Panic! at the disco

2. Kings and Queens by The Killers

3. Burnin’ up by Jonas Brothers

4. Stay by Miley Cyrus

5. The Warrior by Scandal

6. Party Foul by Attack Attack

7. Silence by Aly & AJ

8. Let this go by Paramore

9. Believe by UKISS

10. Blue moon form the grease soundtrack

11. Lies by Click 5

12. With Love by Hilary Duff

13. Everything Youre not by Demi Lovato

14. Bad girl by Alexander Lee Eusebio

15. Clap (Inst.) By Teen Top

16. City of Delusion by Muse

17. You found me by Kelly Clarkson

18.Christmas when you were mine by Taylor Swift

19. Liquor Store Blues by Bruno Mars

20. The Wind by Demon Hunter

I would just like to point out that I have over 3000 songs collected over 10 years.

I tag: kwangnnin popobaek shineenuest nu-est-love taiteaaa kfanbby theleftchopstick

【TEASER 2】 #NUEST The First Album “Re:BIRTH” 2nd Teaser #REN #뉴이스트 #NUEST_ReBIRTH #7월9일뉴이스트컴백
【TEASER 2】 #NUEST The First Album “Re:BIRTH” 2nd Teaser #REN #뉴이스트 #NUEST_ReBIRTH #7월9일뉴이스트컴백
same Donghyun same


F(x) Amber Ft. Chad Future - So Good

Chad Future Ft. F(x) Amber - So Good

2 weeks ago150 plays


do not stan Kpop idols who are dancers because onstage they’re SEX and they do sensual hip thrusts and lip bites but offstage they frolic around like fucking idiotic little pixies in the middle of summer goddamnit

do u mean teen top







12/? of f(x)'s comeback♥
12/? of f(x)'s comeback♥

I pocket reblogged me own post from someone else today… Opps


[Preview 7] 140627 NIEL at the airport [cr: @wandu_kong / @its_me1004 / @mushroom0816]

God bless the person who said “Let’s make him shirtless”

The First Album ‘Re:BIRTH’ - Group Teaser

The First Album ‘Re:BIRTH’ - Group Teaser

[PIC] 140624 Kwangmin /event yet to be known

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